About Plane Wood Frame

I'm Sue Hillhouse and I make timber picture frames at the creative art space, Vacant Assembly, in West End, Brisbane.

We have developed our own timber frames which we make ourselves using a range of different timbers and we can also cut the moulding sizes so that the end product is unique and in accordance with the aesthetic of the art work.

We are happy to work with our clients specific needs and, as much as we are able, be a bit experimental.

I also work with selected prefabricated timbers from Antons Mouldings.

Lately, we have been putting together a range of ‘ready’ but still ‘hand’ made frames to suit A5/4 and 3 sized prints. They are available to purchase and take away from:
266 Montague Rd, West End.

Please fill out a form below if you're interested in a custom job.

Looking forward to working with you!


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